Jerry Jeff Walker
Jaded Lover
Up against the Wall
Pissin' in the Wind
Navajo Rug
Mr Bojangles
Pickup Truck Song
La Freeway
Come Away to Belize With Me

Desperados Waiting for a Train

Lyle Lovett
If I had a boat
If you were to wake up
She's no lady
Creeps Like Me
Family Reserve
That's Right You're Not from Texas
LA County

John Prine
Dear Abby
Illegal Smile
Christmas In Prison
Please don't bury me
that's the way the world goes round
in spite of ourselves
hello in there
Spanish Pipedream
Angel from Montgomery

Knocking ’ on your screen Door

Todd Snider
COnservative Christian Right Wing Rep......
Alright Guy
Vinyl Records
Beer Run
Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
My Generation

Guy Clark
Homegrown Tomatoes
Rita Ballou
LA Freeway
Boats to Build
The Cape

Desperados Waiting For a Train

Stuff that Works

Jim Croce
Don't mess around with Jim
Working at the carwash blues
Rapid Roy that Stock Car Boy
Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Have to Say I love You in a Song


John Mellencamp
Pink Houses

Bruce Springsteen
Atlantic City

Jimmy Buffett
Son of a Son of a Sailor
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Come Monday
Havana DayDreaming
Changes in Latitudes CHanges in Atitudes
Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season
Miss you so Badly
Why don't we get drunk
It's my job
Wish I had a pencil Thin Mustache
Grapefruit Juicy Fruit
He went to Paris
A Pirate looks at 40
Death of an unpopular poet

Flip-Flop Feeling
What Happens in Mexico
CooCoo for Coconuts
I've got a friend with a beach house
When life starts heading south
Sleep late and Fish a little
Something about the ocean
Nice night for missing you
Keep your hand's off my WIllie
Under a mexican Moon
Too Much Tequila
Paradise found
In my first LIfe
Occupy a barstool
Right side of the wrong bed
Right arm for your left hand
let's get ready to stumble
Liquored Up
Rebel Tattoo
Only a Flesh Wound
You're the only thing i don't like about texas
Walt's across Texas with you
Not tonight, I've got a heartache
Something Big's about to break
Tropical Depression

Old Crow Medicine Show
Wagon Wheel

Bob Wills
Miles and Miles of Texas
Take me back to tulsa

Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Ooh Boys it's hot

Mac Macanlly
Simple LIfe
Down the Road
The Knot